One of the best reasons to visit Las Vegas is to partake in their famous buffets. When you go to Las Vegas, you’re not supposed to eat like a bird. Instead, it’s almost your duty to eat like a pig. All the major hotels have buffets, which appear to have endless variety and an endless supply of great food. Finding a place to fill up on food is almost as important as choosing a comfortable locale to gamble away your hard earned money. You might be surprised at the variety some of these buffets offer. Sure, you can get the predictable breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. However, you can eat like a high class wealthy tourist, too, if you like. These six Las Vegas buffets are top of the line. You won’t be ashamed to be seen in these buffet lines—you can stand tall, walk proud and eat well.


Sterling Brunch at Bally’s


Bally’s Steakhouse doubles as a Sunday brunch buffet. This one doesn’t just have the expected egg dishes. You can also get ostrich tenderloin, if that’s your taste. With waiters decked out in tuxedos, this is high class all the way. Yes, they also have caviar, Big Spender. It’s a little pricey at $85, but well worth it.


Bellagio Buffet


So you don’t want the usual American food? No need to worry because the Bellagio buffet provides Japanese and Chinese food, and there’s even Mexican food, if you want it. On Friday and Saturday nights, you can get the nice gourmet stuff, such as Kobe beef, venison and buffalo. Go for it-you only live once.


The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas


 Wynn’s buffet is 5-star all the way. Everything from the sushi to the Caesar salad is great. This buffet has homemade pasta, which includes pumpkin ravioli and gnocchi in brown butter sauce. You will eat well here, probably even better than back home. All the lovely plants are also beautiful to behold, so you can marvel at the decor while you chow down.

Le Village Buffet


 Naturally, Le Village at Paris has French food. It has a homey look and wonderful crepes and roasted duck with peppercorn and peaches. And it just wouldn’t be French with out quiche, right? You can’t dine in France this year? Well, this might be the next best thing.


The Buffet at Aria


Jumbo shrimp may be an oxymoron to some, but it’s a Las Vegas tradition. Aria has it, as well as plenty of other seafood. The desserts, such as red velvet and carrot cake, are particularly tasty. Oh, and don’t miss the Oreo pudding. You’ll feel like you’re at a fine dining establishment, not at a buffet.


Village Seafood Buffet


Rio’s buffet has a nautical theme. You can get American, Mexican, Italian and Chinese food at its various stations. You can eat well, too, with the prime rib, BBQ beef ribs and various chicken dishes. The desserts are also class all the way.