Signing up with Uncle Sam and serving your country is a big commitment, but it can also provide big opportunities. Sometimes, you get to cool stuff in the military, like jobs that you only wish you had. First, getting one of the better jobs can maximize your usefulness in the military, while putting you in a position where you are comfortable. Another reason to pick the right military job is to prepare for the workforce once you’re back in civilian life. Don’t forget that the military adds skills to any resume that are difficult for others to compete with.


Recruiting specialist. If getting to connect with high school and college students sounds good to you, consider signing up to be a recruiting specialist. This will allow you to work directly with young people, which might be great for your future career, and it allows you to share your passion for military service. Besides being rewarding, you can be more assured to be set up with a home base, instead of facing harm overseas.


Aircraft mechanic. While the pilots get all the glory, the aircraft mechanics are what provides the safety those pilots need. And when you leave the military, you’ll be in prime position to get hired by a commercial airline or company that uses aircrafts to ship cargo. Aircraft mechanic is an excellent choice if you like to work with your hands and get satisfaction out of improving safety for others.


Information technology specialist. Computers have taken over many jobs throughout the world, and those who know how to operate new and changing technology can work just about anywhere. And unlike many education programs, the military will make sure you know how to use the technology in real-life situations. This is a very sought after skill for many companies, and almost every company in the world needs qualified technology specialists.


Engineer. Engineers in the military don’t just design things. They design things in pressure packed situations. This makes the skills you develop twofold. Not only will you learn all about the engineering field, but you will have the added benefit of learning how to perform under pressure. This is a job skill that no employer would scoff at. Engineering is also a career where you can earn a substantial income as your skills develop.


Electrician. While some careers need general skills, getting trained as a military electrician will give you a specific skill set that will go a long way. Even if your previous schooling didn’t prepare you for more math-specific careers, such as engineering, working as an electrician is an opportunity where you can learn new things from scratch. Practically all of the training for this career is hands-on, making it an excellent choice if you prefer being on your feet and out in the world to sitting at a desk all day.


Intelligence specialist. While many military careers transition well into civilian life, there are other routes, such as becoming an intelligence specialist, where you can impact the military through your entire career. If you are looking for experiences that you might not have even known existed, this might be the job for you. it’s one of the 6 best military jobs you wish you had not only because of the lifelong career potential, but also because of how interesting it can be. Intelligence specialists may be trusted with top-secret information, and it’s a career that’s sure to bring new challenges so you’ll never get bored.