Once upon a time, t-shirts were known by the much less classy name of undershirts. The undershirts, however, have come out from under dress shirts and gone for a little spotlight of their own. If you like to impress your friends or shock your parents with your t-shirt sayings, where do you go? Well, below are six good places to start. Chances are you’ll find something at one of these sites that none of your friends already have.

TshirtHell (http://www.tshirthell.com/hell.shtml)


You have to get a kick out of an online t-shirt site with the slogan, “Where all the bad shirts go.” You get the impression right away that this is an edgy site, which has more than just pictures of cute cats and animated figures. A few of its top ten sellers include “Bieber Checklist” and “Bling-Bling“. There are also a few slogans you can’t say in church. However, if you’re shopping at tshirthell.com, chances are good you’re not spending a lot of your free time at church.

Busted Tees (www.bustedtees.com)

busted tee.jpg

With shirts like one that reads “Greendale Alumni” (you’d need to watch the NBC show “Community” to get the reference), this site has plenty of options, and it’s  laid out well with big pictures of the designs. You can also find clearance tees, the deal of the day and cool new stuff in different sections on the site.

Neighborhoodies (www.neighborhoodies.com)


Neighborhoodies is particularly cool because you can design customized t-shirts and hoodies on the site. If you don’t see something you like, you can let them create what you’d like to see. The site has a 48-hour turnaround, which is particularly helpful when you need fast fashion. Say, if you need to send a special gift fast.

Redbubble (www.redbubble.com)


The big upside of Redbubble is its trading platform, which allows you to buy or swap artworks in various forms-particularly popular designer t-shirts. Additionally, this site offers iPhone and iPod cases, stickers and kids’ clothes. Think of it like a video game store or a record store of old. You can trade in stuff you may not need or use for something new you really like.

Milk Shop Gang (milkshopgang.com)

milk shop.jpg

Milk Shop Gang is on the list because of its great prices. It also has lots of food shirts for t-shirt foodies. Oh, and the models are really cute. If you combine hot models, with food designs, you’re combining two favorite eye candy sources. This is one gang even your mom will let you join.

Design by Humans


Designbyhumans describes itself as “an ongoing t-shirt design competition and community where artists and t-shirt lovers can create, buy and talk about art and t-shirts.” If you designing shirts, love art or just enjoy wearing t-shirts, this is a site for you. You won’t see all those “funny” slogans that make you groan. However, you will certainly see designs you’ve never seen before. Go here for a sense of discovery.