Whenever the NBA is in full throttle, you can expect every fan to be on the edge of their seats, anxiously watching the games.. You watch the moves, the plays and tricks of your favorite players. But one thing that a lot of people miss out on because the players move so fast or because they’re hidden, are their weird tattoos. Take a look at the six strangest tattoos in the NBA.

1. Wilson Chandler- Juggernaut


Wilson chandler has to have what is one of the weirdest tattoos in NBA history. But, we have to hand it to him, he’s got guts. A huge, fully detailed tattoo of X-Men villain “Juggernaut” lies underneath the word “Unstoppable” on his back. His whole back is covered by the tattoo.

Monta Ellis- Family Forest

monta ellis.jpg

Monta Ellis took to preserving his family tree in a whole new way. Instead of writing it on a piece of paper, he inked a tree all over his stomach and chest. It starts from underneath his navel and goes all the way up to his collarbones. He even got the words “Family Forest” inked on his chest and his baby’s face tattooed on the tree.

Deshawn Stevenson- Abraham Lincoln


Forget just the NBA, Deshawn’s tattoo has got to be one of the weirdest tattoos we’ve ever seen, period. On his neck, he has a tattoo of Abraham Lincoln’s face, with the number 5 on both sides. Some believe that he’s showing his appreciation for the Emancipation Proclamation, but we know Deshawn can’t be that deep. This tattoo will always remain a mystery.

Stephen Jackson- Praying Hands, With a Gun


Oh Jackson, Jackson, Jackson. Just tell us this– why? Okay, so maybe he thought the praying hands tattoo was a bit overdone, but why would you ever add a gun to the hands? Don’t you know that God doesn’t like violence? Jackson has this huge, weird tattoo on his stomach, and he looks rather proud of it here.

Andrei Kirilenko– World of Warcraft Character


Now Andrei Kirilenko’s tattoo isn’t like all the other comic book character or movie character tattoos. His tattoo is pretty scary. He has a huge, black and red tattoo of the World of Warcraft’s demonic gargoyle. We don’t have any idea why anybody would get this tattoo, except maybe if they were drunk, or being forced to at gunpoint.

Marquis Daniels- Suicidal Cartoon

c artoon.jpg

Marquis Daniels has a truly creepy and morbid tattoo on his forearm that we just can’t figure out why anyone would get! Resting on his arm is a strange cartoon character pulling the trigger of a rifle with his foot to shoot himself in the brain. It also says “Only The Strong Survive” on top of the cartoon. Does that mean that if you get weak, you’ll kill yourself? We’ve got to keep a close eye on this one people.