For many people who work nine to five in an office, commuting back and forth from their place of employment to their abode is the most gruesome part of the day. All that waiting in traffic and staring at the number plate of the car in front can get extremely frustrating, but for some lucky souls their journey to and from work can actually be quite satisfying. Here are some commutes that are actually worth taking. If only work wasn’t on the other end of them.

Hussaini Bridge, Pakistan.


Both Pakistan and Kashmir argue over this piece of land, and some people genuinely have to cross this bridge to get to their place of work. One side of the river is the home to much of the village, while the other is the farmland where they are employed. As dangerous as it might appear, the view and surrounding beauty is enough to make any death worth it. Probably.

Yungas Road, Bolivia.


This stretch of road is pretty dangerous (there is just enough space for two cars to drive down with one of them falling down the edge of the cliff), but the view up at the top of the Yungas Road is so spectacular, it makes everything worthwhile. Of course, the nickname Death Road doesn’t help ease anyone’s worries.

Amsterdam, Netherlands.


The Dutch capital is famous for its Red Light District, its available drugs and its citizens’ preference for the bicycle. Almost all of the inhabitants of Amsterdam ride their bikes rather than use a car or the public transport, making the roads, trams and buses extremely quiet, both in their population and noise levels. The pot makes a difference, too.

San Francisco, California.


San Francisco has it all. California weather, breathtaking views and a whole host of stunning landmarks to behold. It’s as if a European city has been lifted from either France or Italy and placed on the west coast. Imagine going to work and being able to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge or roll past Pier 39. Just make sure you plan your journey so that you don’t have to ride uphill.