To some people, being extreme is relaxing. Or maybe it just makes them feel alive-close brushes with death will do that sometimes. If you fall into this category, check out six of the most extreme vacations out there and see if you feel like risking your life over your next two week break.


The Cage of Death in Australia. Though just being in Australia can be a brush with death, this attraction allows you to climb into a acrylic cage in a large aquarium with a massive crocodile and swim while the croc tries desperately to tear you apart. It’s the closest you may ever get to a dinosaur trying to kill you. You’ll have to head to the aptly named Crocosaurus Cove to experience this intense vacation.


Cliff Base Jumping in Norway. Ever want to run off a cliff, throw out a parachute and hope for the best? Well if you do and think it would be a great way to spend your vacation, head to Norway where there are some of the safest-a term used very loosely here-base jumping areas. Warning: if you haven’t trained and done this numerous times before, don’t attempt it. You’ll probably die.


Iguazu Boat Ride in Argentina and Brazil. With falls that are twice the height of Niagara Falls, the Iguazu Cataracts are an incredible sight. But for fifteen bucks, you can take a boat underneath the falls themselves and feel the intense and incredible power of the falling water. Many people have died doing this, but it is still done every day, usually with only exhilarating and joyous results.


Tower Walking in Toronto. Big skyscrapers offer extreme vacations, too. Or at least they do in Toronto, Canada where people will regularly take 150 meter strolls along a 1.5 meter ledge that surrounds the CN Tower. It’s the highest external walk on a building and is undoubtedly extreme, yet incredibly safe at the same time.


Volcano Bungee Jump in Chile. Sounds totally insane and it is, but it’s also awesome and the trip of a lifetime. For about ten thousand dollars for six days, you can bungee jump from a helicopter into an active volcano. That’s just one death defying hour of time; the rest of it is spent relaxing, overjoyed you didn’t just die.


Zorbing in New Zealand. Extreme yes but not terribly dangerous, Zorbing is a sport created in New Zealand and looks like the most fun game in the world. Basically, you put yourself inside a giant inflatable ball and roll down large steep hills, over ramps and into soft dirt or water. It looks like at least an afternoon, if not a full vacation, of incredible fun.