Celebrities have got it all going for them. Most of the public fawns over their mere presence and they make quite the pretty penny for doing something that we would all kill our first born child to participate in. Of course, they’re not just happy to live comfortably and work in their dream job at the same time. They need to make more than anyone else in the same field as them. It gets quite competitive being a celebrity. Here are the 6 richest celebrities of 2012.



Britney Spears  Thanks to playing 75 shows in 12 months, endorsing various products, launching her own fragrance brand, and watching her new album, “Femme Fatale,” go platinum, Spears made $58 million.



Ryan Seacrest  The insanely handsome host of American Idol made around $59 million producing the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” shows, whilst he is also the face of Coca-Cola and Bing, and is a constant presence on E! and NBC. Lucky bastard.



Adele – The rotund singer has watched the money continue to roll despite the fact that she didn’t release an album in the last 12 months. She is now worth close to $40 million and the fact that she has released the new James Bond single for “Skyfall” has continued to keep her in the public eye.


Oprah Quotes

Oprah Winfrey – The queen of the chat show, and probably America’s most recognized celebrity, actually made $125 million less than in 2011, but her various other facets of business such as her cable network station OWN, her magazine O, and spin off shows have each made her around $165 million.



Mark Zuckerberg – Zuckerberg has become the wealthiest nerd in the world, and all he needed to do was create the most popular website ever. For his troubles he has netted $17.5 billion. Fair play.



J.K Rowling – The author of “Harry Potter” is now the richest novelist in the world, and the films of the books have generated close to $8 billion at the global box office, giving her a $910 million fortune herself.