Remember the days when dressing like a drunk for Halloween was acceptable? All you needed was a brown jug with “XXX” in large black letters and some ripped up clothes. Times have changed, and the choices have gotten worse. The unhealthy skinny guy riding the bike through town should warn us of these Halloween costumes. How far would a man go to reach the Worst of Halloween’s Hall of Shame status? Check out six of the worst Halloween costumes any man can wear.


The N.C. Amendment 1 is a bad Halloween costume idea for any man. This amendment is a highly debatable topic so heated that Twitter is on fire with just one mention. If you do it, the N.C. Amendment 1 can be created by wearing a white shirt with the lettering of “N.C. Amendment 1” painted carefully and defined in black fabric paint, white pants, and white sneakers . Whatever you do after that point is your business. But who would want to be this amendment? For those men undecided, this is absolutely the worst of Halloween costumes. If the debates don’t kill you, the strange looks will.


Dressing like Lady GaGa is a male no-no. You’ve seen it before-a man dressed in a dress and wig. Still, taking on the Lady GaGa Halloween costume is no easy task, especially for a man. The four-foot hat, platform heels, starlight dresses, and the crazy splash of make-up pushes the limit. You can slap a couple of red thick juicy steaks on a dress and top it with a tenderized hat to go with a long blond wig to get noticed by other men, who will be eyeing you from their grills. If you want to get grossly daring, then dress in a bikini with a wig sticking out of the bottom.


TSA agent pat down time! Airport security has a hard time functioning without TSA, Transportation Security Administration. The pat down is coming from a TSA costume near you! Either rent a TSA agent costume or make one. Transform in your uniform and start patting everyone down-the cute ones twice. Could be in fun taste to some, but for others this is the worst Halloween costume.


The worst homemade political Halloween costume ideas. North Carolina’s John Edwards is a very poor Halloween costume choice that can be created by wearing a suit, sporting a “country boy” hairstyle, smiling and speaking with southern tongue. To dress as Joe Biden, the V.P., with a constant slip of the tongue, wear a white short male wig, a white button down long sleeve shirt, jeans or dark slacks. Biden has loose lips so start talking about stuff like where you and the U.S. President will find refuge from terrorists. A risk-taking Halloween costume, it could bomb as the worst. Well, maybe not as bad as a Rush Limbaugh costume.


Prophylactic Halloween costumes make a hard statement. You’ve seen the clear trash bag condom, the white body suit resembling a sperm or egg, but have you heard of the new Trojan vibrating sensation? To mimic the twisting electronic wear a dark purple shirt and hat and light lavender/blue pants with shoes. Write the word “Trojan” along the shirt in black and a readable “Vibrating Twist” along the side of the pants. Or you could just purchase a pink Halloween costume prophylactic. Move around when you are standing close to a familiar hot woman and watch her response. Now that’s bad!


Sex therapist is not favored by many. Or is it? Portraying a sex therapist can be half the fun. Costume and props keep the fun at full circle. What man wouldn’t want to waste an evening asking a woman sex-related questions? That actually is what makes this a not-so-good Halloween costume in the end. Women may get the wrong impression, which leaves the sex therapist plenty of time to re-evaluate that Halloween costume idea.