Everyone loves a good party. As much as some people want to deny it there is nothing better on this earth than sitting back with a cold beer, listening to pretentious music and attempting to make small talk with people you will never see again. However parties can manifest themselves in different forms and surprise, surprise take place across the entire world, of course they don’t rival American shindigs. Here is a list of the seven biggest parties in the world.

La Tomatina


Held in the Valencian town of Bunol close to the Mediterranean Sea this party is essentially just one big food fight. Participants throw tomatoes at each other and those involved strip down to their underpants and wear protective goggles to avoid getting too sticky/going blind.

Full Moon Party


An all-night Thailand based beach party does sound like a recipe for disaster and when the welcoming sign is made from a shoddy framework and each letter is set a light death seems only inevitable. But with around 30,000 revelers dancing till their hearts content at least they’ll go out in style!

Burning Man


This week long annual event takes place in North Nevada, so immediately negates the notion that Las Vegas is the only good occurrence in the state. Starting the week before Labor Day and ending on the holiday itself the name derives from the burning of a large wooden effigy on the Saturday night. It’s spectacular.



This two day Hindu spring festival that takes place in north India and is comprised of bonfires and splashing coloured flour and water over everybody in your vicinity. You should probably bring a spare set of clothes.

Bay to Breakers


This 7 mile party through San Francisco was designed to lift the cities spirit after the 1906 earthquake and after over a century of partying it certainly does the trick. In it 70,000 people dance down the street in costumes and drink profusely. It’s the kind of party that anyone can get down with.

Rio Carnival


A celebration that started in 1723 probably shouldn’t be so fun but the Rio Carnival Festival has turned into one of the most sought after party events in the world. Booze, dancing and a plethora of naked women, what could go wrong?



Germany is known for it’s efficiency, booze and for a brief period of acting like complete and utter c*%ts between 1939 -1945. But its celebration of the middle element mentioned above is what gets the most people flocking to Bavaria. That and the concentration camp museums too.