“Survivor” is one of the most famous reality TV shows on television. It puts a group of different individuals out in the wilderness so they can compete against each other for cash and prizes. Out in the wilderness, they do not have any technology, makeup, or hair products, yet the women in this show are still so smoking hot! Take a look at our seven favorites of the hottest girls on “Survivor.”


Sydney Wheeler


The gorgeous Sydney Wheeler placed 11th on “Survivor: Tocantins“. During the show, she said, “People stereotype me as just a pretty face. Don’t misjudge me—I’m going to win.” Even though she didn’t win, the beautiful and smart Wheeler did gain a lot of fame afterwards and even became something she had always wanted to be: a model.

Amanda Kimmel


Amanda Kimmel was not in one, not two, but three “Survivor” TV shows! Kimmel has been modeling since she was sixteen years old. Before being on “Survivor”, she worked as a model, a waitress, a make-up artist and a retail associate. She is the only female contestant who made it to the finale twice and lost both times.

Michelle Yi


Michelle Yi of “Survivor: Fiji” quickly won over her fellow tribespeople with her bubbly and fun personality. Many people say that she would have gone into the final if not for a twist in the game in which she was prematurely eliminated. Yi is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio where she studied fashion at the University of Cincinnati.

Marisa Calihan


As you can see, Marisa Calihan is definitely one of the hottest women to have ever been on “Survivor”. Even though Calihan was voted off of “Survivor: Samoa” on only the third day, we were never able to forget her. Not only is she crazy hot, but she’s also a smart, thoughtful and caring person. Growing up on a farm helped Calihan learn how to care of herself. Before her brief time on “Survivor: Samoa” she even traveled across various third world countries teaching children in underprivileged areas.

Jessie Camacho


When she’s not running around in the barren lands of “Survivor: Africa”, Jessie Comacho is a deputy sheriff in Florida. What would you prefer—good cop or bad cop? Camacho found it very difficult to adjust to her new surroundings in Africa, causing her teammates to quickly turn on her for being “inconsiderate” and “weak.” She was voted off very quickly, but at least she still has her looks!

Elisabeth Hasslebeck


Beautiful, blonde, muscular and sweet—what more could you ask for? Not only is Elizabeth Hasslebeck one of the hottest girls to ever be on “Survivor”, but she is also one of the most likeable people to have ever been on the show. She developed strong relationships with with her fellow tribespeople and stayed on the show until week 39, placing fourth in her season. Ever since then, she has gone on to be an extremely famous talk-show host.

Candice Woodcock


Candice Woodcock has it all—beauty, strength and brains. You can see from the picture how absolutely gorgeous she is, but what a lot of people don’t know is how she received a perfect score in the math section on her SATs. Several men fell for Woodcock’s looks in “Survivor”. She placed eighth overall and was so inspired by her time on her show that she decided to continue her stay in Africa to help the less fortunate.