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There’s heat and then there’s HEAT. Most people only want to find the nearest air conditioner and have a cold drink in the dark when the mercury rises to more than 90 degrees. That may keep you cool, but it’s not very manly. You can do some very enjoyable activities and beat the heat in these seven manly ways.


Water Skiing


Slather on the sunscreen and go water skiing. If you and the other members of your group are accomplished skiers, you will be going at high speed either in the water or in the boat, depending on whose turn it is to strap on the skis and go at it. When you are in the water, the rushing wind will keep your cool as you water ski in the boat’s wake. If you’re in the boat, you will get the benefit of the rushing wind while you wait to ski.


River Tubing


If you’re in an area with a river, rent some inner tubes and spend the day tubing. You won’t be thinking about the heat. You’ll only be thinking about how you’re going to keep your head above water as you try to maneuver your tube through the rushing water. Make sure you have a life jacket if you are tubing anywhere near white water.


Water Parks


If you need something a little tamer than one of nature’s raging rivers, head over to the nearest water park. Spend the day going down water slides, rafting in lazy rivers or jumping in the wave pool. When you get bored with one, move on to the next attraction.


Pool Party


This requires that you or one of your buddies has access to a decent-sized pool. If you do, bring out the rafts, inner tubes, super soakers and plenty of cold drinks. There’s nothing more satisfying than a cold beer while you are in the pool. Of course, if you’re partial to iced vodka, that works as well. Stay away from wine because that’s likely to make you sweat a little more.





There’s nothing like an old-fashioned hammock strung between two shady trees or under an awning to cool you off. The hammock will be under cover, and you will get at least a little bit of a breeze as you swing your hammock side to side. Bring a small cooler with you and leave your iced teas, sodas or cold beers in easy reach. The hammock may be seem like a relic from yesteryear, but it works in a very satisfying way.

Head For The Mountains


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You don’t have to stay at sea level if you don’t have access to a pool, lake or ocean. Head for the mountains where it will be ten to fifteen degrees cooler. The higher you go, the cooler it will be. Then you can get on with your life and go fishing, hiking or just admire nature.