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All of us sexually active people know sex is great. There is no doubt about it! But, what is even greater is sex in a car. Spice up your sex life by going at it like crazy in different automobiles. You must have done it done it once or twice already as a teenager. But be careful while choosing a car to have sex in. A lot of cars look spacious, but turn out to be cramped and tight, making it an embarrassing and not at all fulfilling experience. Try having sex in any one of these seven comfortable cars great for sex!

Toyota  FJ Cruiser


The Toyota FJ Cruiser was first introduced in 2003 as a retro style SUV. But there have been many new models and improvements since then. The car was designed to take you off-road for those crazy adventures across the desert or in the mountains. Why is this car perfect for sex? Well, not only is it very sturdy so it won’t rock back and forth with each thrust, but its is extremely spacious. You can both even cuddle and take a nap in the back after you’re done.

Honda Element


The creators of the Honda Element say that they wanted a vehicle for ‘outdoorsy’ people. You know, to haul their camping equipment and to carry large loads of sporting equipment. Well, we can think of a better way to use the spacious trunk and backseat. Instead of filling the car up with beach toys, lay down a blanket and have your own adventure within the car! Oh, and did we mention, all the seats fold down at 180 degrees?

Toyota Sequoia


Another car that is amazingly comfortable for sex is the Toyota Sequoia. Originally designed for families, we see this car to serve better for the purpose of making a family. Not only is the back extremely open and spacious, but even the seats back seats fold down! We don’t see what could be more comfortable than this SUV for a good time!

Volvo V70


Over the years the Volvo V series has improved a great deal. The newest version, Volvo V70 is our favorite and the most advanced in terms of comfort. Not only are the seats ergonomically designed, but they also have headset monitors. Maybe you could even watch a movie to get in the mood. You can go at it on the backseat or even in the spacious back area of the car.

Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI


The Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI may look like a normal car on the outside, but trust us, having sex in this car is a truly magical experience. The backseat is comfortable and spacious. But the reason we love this car so much is because of the sunroof. We recommend sitting in the backseat so you both have a view of the sky.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed

The Bentley Continental Spur Speed is one of the best and most comfortable luxury cars you will ever have sex in. It has a spacious backseat with extremely comfortable stain proof interiors. One of the many reasons we love this car is because of its 1,100 Watt Naim audio system—it will drown out any screams or moans for passersby. Have fun!

Honda Fit

2010 honda_fit_sport cargo.jpg

Trust us on this one guys, the Honda Fit is a great fit for you and your girl. It may look like a small car on the outside, but the truth is this little car is just the right amount of snug for you and your girl to have sex in. The size and comfortable interior makes it perfect for crazy sex.