The economy is a mess. The Dow almost went below 8,000 today and people were HAPPY we finished down only 128 points. This is how bad everyone’s expectations are when that kind of news is seen as somewhat positive. On the other hand, there has been some good stuff this week. The ‘Sad Guys On Trading Floors’ tumblr blog has become one of the best new Internet memes. The guy has an impressive way of finding some excellent shots and adding unique captions.

In tribute, we’ve scoured Getty Images, the AP, Reuters, and a variety of other news photo sites on the web to bring you our 8 Favorite Trader Photos From This Crappy Week. Enjoy:

8.) Even Trader BABES Are Bummed.

7.) “I Am Working TWICE As Hard These Days.”

6.) “Yeah, Things Don’t Look Good Up Close Either.”

5.) Do A Lot Of These Guys Get Acne, Not From The Stress, But From Touching Their Faces So Much?

4.) I Have Deciphered Your Anagram Nametag Puzzle And I Am Fully Aroused.

3.) “There’s A Friggin’ Spider On That Screen!”

2.) Modern Day Ben Franklin Loses Everything After Following “Poor Richard’s Almanack” Too Literally

1.) “Hang On, One Sec, I Was Just About To Put This Contact Lens In.”