If you enjoy drinking—and since you’re reading this story we’re going to assume that you do—you’ll be happy to hear there are plenty of apps to help you out. Whether it’s finding the right place to hit a beer run, figuring out if you are safe to drive or just learning exactly what the heck is in a Harvey Wallbanger, your smartphone has you covered. Don’t leave the world of the sober without these essential alcohol-related apps.

Liquor Run Mobile

How many times has this happened to you? You’re heading off to get booze and your favorite corner store is closed or doesn’t have what you need. Worst of all, you could be in a strange and foreign land, looking for something to imbibe after a long day of… imbibing? Fear not: Liquor Run Mobile will not only tell you where the nearest liquor stores are, it will also, crucially, tell you how late they’re open.


BeerCloud is a beer lover’s dream come true. This interactive database allows you to check out what other people are saying about the beer in your hand merely by scanning a bar code. Have a favorite sauce that’s hard to find? BeerCloud will tell you where to get it. Bonus: the Beer Sommelier feature will tell you what foods pair well with whatever you’re drinking.


When you’re a Scotch aficionado, you know what you want, but you might not always know how to seek it out. Cue ScotchHunter. You put in what region, flavor and price range you’re looking for, it spits out a brand name. It also allows you to keep your Scotch journal on your phone. Yeah, dudes, Scotch guys keep journals. They’re actually about the taste of Scotch, not drinking until you black out and wake up in a jail cell.


Not only does this app help you estimate your blood alcohol content, it also keeps you from drunk dialing, drunk texting and drunk Tweeting. When the app feels you’ve had enough, it locks you out of your phone. DrunkGuard will also estimate how long it’ll take to sober up and automatically dial a cab if you’re too soused to get behind the wheel.

Liquor Snob

Liquor Snob is a sort of like CNN for booze. Do you want to stay on top of the hottest news in the world of distilled beverages? Liquor snob will help you do that. You can also get reviews of various kinds of liquor and classic drink recipes with this free app.

Drink Specials

Hey, we get it—there’s a recession on. You don’t have the money to throw down on Dogfish Head Raison D’etre like you used to. Drink Specials helps you find cheap watering holes for economically efficient imbibing. It also allows you to verify or strike the special from the database. What else does it do? Nothing. What else do you need?

iBeer Efficiency

This one tells you how much alcohol, calories and carbs the booze you’re drinking has. Which means you can use this app to avoid drinks that are making you fat while also managing your level of inebriation. Which is knowledge that, the older you get, the more you’ll appreciate. Trust us.

Liquor Hub

Liquor Hub offers constantly updated top 20 lists of various kinds of alcohol. Use the built-in bar code scanner to learn everything you need to know about the new mystery booze you’re looking at in the liquor store. You can even personalize Liquor Hub by making a list of your favorite drinks that you can then share with other users. Warning: these people are more likely to be raging alcoholics than your average Facebook friend.

R U Drunk

R U Drunk probably has the best name of any app ever. It features six different sobriety tests to take before you decide to get in your car and kill yourself or some little old lady walking the street. You can get it on all smartphones and Xbox. Handy for when you’ve been sitting around drinking while 12-year-olds shoot your face off in Call of Duty all night.