Sci-fi movies are all about speculation: what kinds of technology and alien worlds can we discover? What will these discoveries do for our race? And, most importantly, are there intelligent, sexy life forms on other planets? Chickipedia’s starship Skinterprise has scoured our solar system and galaxies far, far away to bring you the nine hottest aliens and cyborgs. With Halloween on the horizon, what better time to admire them?

9. Thandie Newton — Dame Vanko (The Chronicles of Riddick)

Ms. Newton portrayed a galactic variation on Lady MacBeth in The Chronicles of Riddick, the 2004 follow-up to the entertaining Pitch Black, alongside Vin Diesel and fellow hottie Alexa Davalos. Dame Vaako was compelling as one of the more badass, scheming cutthroats vying for ultimate power in an entire army of evil shadow beings guided by the principles of deceit, war and death. Good times!

8. Jeri Ryan — Seven of Nine (Star Trek: Voyager)

Holding the indisputable title of “Galaxy’s Sexiest Borg,” Jeri Ryan portrayed a famously controversial cyborg on Star Trek: Voyager in the mid-nineties. Ms. Ryan was so hot, in fact, that Kate Mulgrew and her other fellow cast mates began to fling accusations that her sex appeal was diverting all of the show’s attention onto her bionically enhanced corpus. We can’t blame them.

7. Ashley Scott — Gigolo Jane (A.I.)

The only thing that you should remember from the woeful Spielberg film A.I. is Gigolo Jane. Ms. Scott plays a pleasure bot that somehow manages to make her skin-tight futuristic garb look devastatingly good, despite the fact that it appears to be made of enhanced car upholstery.

6. Jolene Blalock — T’Pol (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Ms. Blalock hails from San Diego and launched herself into the galaxy of Star Trek stars by playing a very alluring, although consummately logical, Vulcan on the Enterprise series. Rumor has it she was a huge Star Trek fan growing up. She truly is a Trekkie’s greatest fantasy.

5. Angelina Jolie — Casella Reese (Cyborg 2)

In what was clearly one of her most beloved performances, Jolie plays a sexy cyborg who…actually, I am really not sure. Jack Palance is in it though, so that’s a plus.There’s not much else we can say about the voluptuous Jolie that you probably haven’t already read in People.

4. Tricia Helfer — Number Six (Battlestar Galactica)

Number Six is one of the sneaky Cylons on Battlestar Galactica. She was designed specifically to entice and destroy human men with her beauty. Or something like that. It’s hard to say whether or not Ms. Helfer’s character is hotter than the rest of her numerically named robotic competition, such as Seven of Nine.

3. Milla Jovovich — Leeloo (The Fifth Element)

Now that The Fifth Element has reached full cult status, it seems like this initial box office failure will go down as her most recognizable role. She plays a magical being capable of unthinkable strength and learning feats sent to humanity in its most dire hour to save the world. Also, she just happens to be painfully beautiful. Deadly combo.

2. Natasha Henstridge — Sil (Species)

As far as sexy aliens go, you can’t really get any more dangerous or hotter than Sil from Species, who masquerades as a total babe when she isn’t all green and slimy. With gorgeous, deadly aliens like Ms. Henstridge walking around, our chances of survival would be pretty damn slim. At least the male gender would go happily, though.

1. Kristanna Loken — The Terminatrix (Terminator 3)

When you’re able to make people say hasta la vista to one of cinema’s most well-known characters (Arnold Scwharzenegger’s Terminator), you must be one of the most powerful cyborgs ever. Also, it seems that Ms. Loken has dual compatability in real life: she has made out with Pink and Michelle Rodriguez. That power keeps her number one on our playlist.