This box set of the entire series of the iconic 80s action series, “The A-Team” does a lot of things right. Not the least of which is squeeling into your living room in a van-shaped box of kickassery.

A-Team: The Complete series is a collection of 25 DVDs spanning the entire five seaons of this acclaimed classic. Follow these five, roguish Vietnam veterans as they travel about looking for people that are in trouble, who have nobody else to help them, and who might be looking to find…The A-Team. Watch Mr. T’s, a.k.a. B.A. Baracus’s glinting, chest-bejeweled justice rain down on evil-doers across the globe. See Murdock take to the skies with a vengeance.  Envy Face as he charms his way into or out of any situation. Watch one of the Colonel’s plans come together at the tip of a smoking stogey. And how can you go wrong with Amy Allen? Do it all for just $90. Buy it here.