Your iPhone screen is a lot like you were, or perhaps still are, as an eager twenty-something in the entry-level workforce–it’s power-hungry, sometimes burns out and it could use a support system to cover its back… quite literally.

The inkCase i6 puts a scrollable touch button, 4.3-inch E Ink interface on the back of your phone, for when your battery dies before you can show your e-ticket at the boarding gate. It requires no battery and connects via Bluetooth to let you display things like boarding passes, payment cards, weather updates, emails and other notifications with paper-like display quality for easy readability. Measuring just 4.2mm thick, your phone will still fit in your pocket and will still take up less space than your old block phones.

You can pre-order one now for $99, saving from the retail price of $129. Or you can wait until a crappy morning when you want nothing more than to redeem your Starbucks rewards, and the little white spiral tells you that you should’ve purchased a smartcase.


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