In the style of a faux-hedge fund website, fully equipped with all the requisite simplicity in design, overreaching promises, and “Our Team” bios, Strategery Capital Management LLC was created to poke fun at the bailout plan.

In their ‘About’ section, Strategery sets the bar high and impresses the pants off me:

Strategery is a unique hedge fund. It is the largest in the world, with expected initial capital of $700 billion. It has a free and unlimited credit line should it need more. It has no fixed mandate, though it is expected to initially focus on mortgage-backed securities. And it is the only fund backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.

Who can argue with that? With the exception of the ‘Strategery‘ joke (didn’t we get sick of that joke during the 2000 election?), it’s all pretty clever and well done. Accurate even down to the minute details of including a Legal Disclaimer that states:

Past performance is not indicative of future results. (Note to Ben: check if we still have to have this? Shouldn’t we get a waiver or something?)

They even have a cool little favicon for the site. Some nerd really went all out on this thing. So whether you’re for it, against it, or “for anything BUT this”, we can all laugh at SCM when they say:

If you are interested in investing in Strategery, you are in luck. The elegance of our approach is we do not need the high cost of marketing or investor relations departments. Rest assured that your capital and assets will be discreetly seized on your behalf.

Or maybe weeping uncontrollably would be a more appropriate response?

Official Site: Strategery Capital Management LLC via Clusterstock