There are a lot of different styles of beer that each have a unique taste. So making a list of what to pair with beer is difficult because really you can pair anything with different types of beer.  Here are some popular foods people drink beer with and their suggested pairings. Written while drinking a Nut Brown Ale from Santa Fe Brewing Company.

Bratwurst – Meats in general can hold their weight flavor wise against a stronger beer. Put the bratwurst in a hoagie and accompany it with some German potato salad for an authentic experience.

Pretzels – Something lighter. I don’t know. I eat pretzels with beer because they are salty and make me want to drink more of it. These pretzels are making me thirsty.

Cheese – Cheese goes with alcohol. Pair milder cheeses with a milder beer. Stronger cheeses with stronger beers. If you are having a party that involves a lot of beer drinking you are probably not going to need the formality of a cheese plate. At more upscale beer bars now though you’ll see various cheese plates offered on the menu.


Pizza – Something light again. Maybe a Hefeweizzen. You don’t want to kill the pizza with your beer. This is the one on the list I am most likely to do every week.

Mexican Food – Mexican and spicy food are often see paired with Oktoberfest beers on internet lists.  There is actually a pretty lengthy history of German immigration to Mexico. There are currently 500,000 Mexicans of German heritage. Including tattoo artist and television personality Kat Von D and the 55th president of Mexico, Vicente Fox.

Barbeque – American Lager. What’s more American than a cook out? The American style Lager. There is no shame in drinking a Budweiser. It’s the top selling beer in the United States and they have cans with American flags on them.

Fish – In the old Zima commercial they were feeding Zima to a fish while they were cooking it on the grill. As if it wasn’t in enough pain. Anyway I don’t know if Zima qualifies for this list or you can even find it anymore. Lagers are comparable to white wine for food pairings. So they are going to be what you are going to use with fish.

-Jim Brennan