Just when you thought Theodore Roosevelt crushed monopolies in 1890 with Sherman’s Hammer, Luxxotica comes along. This Italian company owns everything, top to bottom, concerning sunglasses in the U.S. They own the coolest sunglasses: Ray Ban and Oakley. They own the retailers: Sunglass Hut, Lens Crafters, and Pearle Vision. They even own their own eye care insurance business operating in the U.S. They control the price of the coolest shades and they charge a premium. There is a secret though. There are some sunglass manufacturers that make quality products for a very reasonable price. Side step Luxxotica and buy these cheap sunglasses.


JiMarti Sunglasses. UV rays destroy the retina. JiMarti filters out 100% of all UV rays. These glasses are made for the outdoor enthusiast and may be able to replace your longing for that $300 pair of Oakleys. These glasses commonly come in a sporty wrap-around design. You get a full 30-day warranty when you buy these sleek glasses. Plus, you can pick up a pair for as little as $20. Polarized lenses will run you about $45. The lenses are made of a polycarbonate that JiMarti claims is shatter-proof and they stand by it. Bust a pair of these, contact the company and they’re likely to send a replacement pair.



Sunbelt Sunglasses. This company broadens its market by offering a few different designs. It is the cheap way to get fashionable glasses for your day wear. The lenses are made of impact resistant polycarbonate and are 100% UV reflective. These bad boys come with a lifetime warranty so Sunbelt stands by their product. The prices for these glasses vary widely, but the cheap ones can be had for as little as $22 and run up to $60.



Black Flys Sunglasses. Black Flys cost as little as $17 and buying them has been described as habit forming. These are the most fashionable cheap sunglasses on our list. They are 100% UV resistant and the lenses are made of a high quality polycarbonate. You get a one-year warranty with any purchase of Black Flys. These sunglasses exhibit some extremely loud styling. Thick stylized frames are adorned with noticeable logos. The sports glasses can look downright aggressive with frames that look like flames. These are sure to please anyone born and raised in Southern California.



Nike Sunglasses. Nike is cheap? Sometimes. They are not under the thumb of Luxxotica and can offer their high quality products for less than you’d expect. These sunglasses are as comfortable as can be and are known to keep the dust out of your eyes as well as the sun. They are UV resistant and can be had for as little as $30. Of course, Nike offers a high end range of glasses that are well out of price, but the lower end sunglasses are as affordable as can be. Plus, you get that famous swoosh on the side of your head. People just might think you spent a fortune.