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Whether the Fourth of July is approaching or you just want to take a celebration to the next level, you’ll need to know how to get the best fireworks for your money. Remember, though, that the best fireworks for your money doesn’t mean the cheapest fireworks. Used clothes and used books are just fine, but every single firecracker needs to be bought in its original packaging. It’s also a safe bet to stick with a brand you know, and before you ever set out for the store, set a budget so that you know what your limits are and how you can spread out your money to light up the sky as efficiently and awesomely as possible.

night owl.jpg

The Phantom Night Owl. At just over $10, you can expect some solid screeches from this fountain as it lights up the sky. Also, it is designed to shows it brightness from the inside out.

tnt home run.jpg

The TNT Home Run. For approximately $10, this firecracker will give you a light show that stays lows enough for everyone to get a great glimpse of. It has a consistent fizzle that goes out strong.

black cat.jpg

The Black Cat Going Haywire 300 Shot. For around $15, you can get this beauty and watch its splendid tail light up the air. A few of these firecrackers lined up in a row and you’ll have the start of a great show.

phantom fireworks.jpg

The Phantom Alpha Wolf. This isn’t the loudest firecracker of the bunch, but for around $20, it’s about as colorful as you’re going to find. It will rain down over your celebration with vibrant greens and purples.

molten pot.jpg

The TNT Molten Pot. At nearly $20, this is a firecracker that will have something for everybody. There are bright flashes, great noises, and cool designs coming your way without breaking the bank.

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Combination packs. When it comes to getting the most of your money, consider buying your fireworks pre-bundled. This is not only cost effective, but incredibly easy, since there are only a small amount of trusted brands, all willing to provide you with winning combinations.