The only more convenient hot tub we can think of is on that runs on Chernobly, and that’s not even legal here.  This hot tub, though advanced, will not be taking you back in time.  It can be taken just about anywhere else, however.  It’s a portable, inflatable, luxury hot tub by upscale inflatable furniture designers (not an oxymoron, we swear) Blofield.

The way it works, is the shell of the tub (which can be folded down into a custom bag, included), is inflated into a rigid form.  Then, it’s custom pump and heating units circulate and heat the water (sold separately) for your comfort.  Our favorite part, though, is that the outside of the tub – scene here in orange – is 100% customizable.  You can choose from several popular skins provided by Blofield, or you can send them a high-res image of your own to apply to the tub.  One quick ideas: match it perfectly with the side of your house so you look like a floating torso to neighbors.

It will debut at the Maison et Object show this Autumn, but if you’ve seen enough and are ready to buy, they’re taking pre-orders at their website.  via IIHIH