It’s right in front of out eyes, the best investments on the Internet are the domain names we use on a daily basis. Yes, many call it squatting and resent the people holding the domain names hostage or putting paid parking on the domains. As long as the name is a generic name and not a trademarked name or a typo, I see no reason why this should be viewed as negative. It is no different that buying a piece of property in hopes that it will go up in value… and it WILL go up in value. Much like the old saying “God doesn’t make more land, he only makes more people” . The same goes, he doesn’t make more dot coms. You can add as many endings as you like but the dot coms are drying up at an amazing rate and finding a common name is impossible. They are now all in the secondary market and increasing in value every day. Again holding trademarks and typos should be illegal but owning (and I do and park on it) is a great investment. The DNJournal always list domain name sale prices for the week and they are astonishing. This week alone FunGames sold for $350,000. How well do you have to trade to make $350,000? Parking alone pays for most of the cost of a good domain and this is often a determining factor of a generic name domain. They usually sell for 10 years revenue. Again, how many investments do you get a 10% plus return rate? I’ve been buying names that I think are easy to remember or generic. I deal in plants so I tend to buy names that are in that industry. I’ve purchased,,,, (some trademark issues here but love the name),, (always wanted a gambling site),,,,,, but most importantly I have and .org as well. I won’t let any steal off my traffic. The traffic alone (typeins mostly) pay the $6 a year it costs and I am always buying more that would fit my catalog. Folks, this is oceanfront property going for Kansas prices right in front of our eyes. My advice would be to put some of that trading profit into some great generics. It may get you that new Ferrari you want so badly a bit sooner that you thought. Mark this post and check it in 10 years and see if I am not right. Too bad I didn’t write this same post 10 years ago.