In the men’s website business, we get so many ridiculously useless emails that most just float on by as our eyes glaze over. But every once in a while, one just kinda grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Such was the case with the following note from Diane Bulnes, a rep for Betty Crocker:

Hi Steve,

Betty Crocker has launched its second annual Betty 10: Red Hot Holiday Trends list, which is comprised of 10 delicious new recipes inspired by the trends that will be hot this holiday season.

After reading the “Grub” section on, I thought that you would be interested in sharing the recipe for the Mantastic Fried Chicken ’n’ Waffle Sandwich with your readers. Forget the man cave. Today, guys are in the kitchen making (or at least appreciating) really good food. Big food. Really good, big food that’s stacked and stuffed with the flavors they can’t resist.

Here’s a new take on chicken ’n’ waffles—made better with beer, bacon and bourbon. It’s the ultimate manly man meal.

This was already the most exciting Betty Crocker related email we’ve ever received. But then Diane went and dropped in a photo of the sandwich.

Dear Lord that looks equal parts amazing and deadly. We’re so freakin’ excited, we wish we could cook. Wanna whip it up for lunch? Get all the details here. And should you live to tell about it, please let us know if it tastes as much like bacon beer bourbon chicken syrup waffle heaven as it looks. Good luck.