The Best Sites for the Ladies You Like

Because it’s seemingly impossible to meet people organically these days, many single women have turned to online dating sites to meet Mr. Right—or Mr. Right Now, anyway. But there’s a wide variety of options out there, and different sites suit different ladies. Which means that if you’re searching for a certain type, you’ll have a lot better luck when you log in at the right place.

To help you sort it out, we enlisted the help of online dating expert Scott Valdez. Valdez is the founder of, the first company to allow men (and women) to fully outsource the online dating process to a team of pros. Valdez also runs, where he’s just released a secret weapon: The Click Magnet Dating System. And with his wise input, we’ve put together a list of the best places to find seven different types of ladies.

Caveat emptor: “Do not open your wallet unless you can see what’s there,” advises Valdez. “Any good, respectable paid site will let you look around before you pay.” Alright, here goes…

The Type: Older Women

47? We never would have guessed.

Best Sites:, or
Valdez Says:
The cougar dating sites are great because they are highly targeted; they’re for older women who want to meet younger men. The demographics are going to be perfect. Match is great because of the sheer amount of women. You can also do reverse searches to make sure the women are looking for your age range. Set your age range higher, and then do a mutual match search.

The Type: Marriage-Minded Women

So we’re guessing you guys are pretty serious, huh?

Best Sites: or
Valdez Says:
Match caters to a more professional group of people who are looking for something long-term. It’s not as marriage-focused as, but it’s very user friendly, and the women tend to be much more attractive than on free sites. Meanwhile, eHarmony is definitely for the marriage-minded. The only problem with eHarmony is that it is very restrictive, and it’s a closed database website. Your matches are what eHarmony determines.

The Type: Booty Call Women

We will not speculate as to the call, but Kim certainly has the booty.

Best Sites: and
Valdez Says:
These sites are very similar, but Plenty of Fish is more casual as far as same-night hookups are concerned. Both sites have search options for people seeking casual sex, but never put that in your profile because women have filters that make it so you can’t contact them if you’ve ever tried to contact someone for casual sex. The only con is that these sites have less attractive women than the paid sites, so you have to do a lot of screening. Search by body type, and weed out by pictures.

The Type: Younger Women

No matter how old she gets, she’ll always be Hannah Montana to us.

Best Site:
Valdez Says:
Ok Cupid has a young vibe. The creators are all young guys, and they really built the site for young people. The questionnaires and quizzes are built for people in their twenties. The demographics spew younger women. The younger girls like the interface of the site and they are pretty responsive. The chat feature is used more often than on any other site.

The Type: Religious Women

Simply heavenly. And it has nothing to do with all those crosses.

Best Sites: and
Valdez Says:
Christian Mingle is the biggest Christian dating site on the Web. The ideal thing is that you know everyone on there is pretty serious about religion. On other sites, people might check that they are a certain religion, but sites like Christian Mingle and J Date specifically attract people to whom religion is more important.

The Type: Adventurous Women

If you think winning Olympic skiing medals is tough, try doing it in six-inch heels!

Best Sites: and
Valdez Says:
The great thing about these sites is that you can do advanced keyword searches. Use words like “adventure,” “climbing,” “trekking”—keywords that are related to outdoor stuff. You can find women with these exact words in their profile and seeking adventure. Fitness Singles is good for people who are fit and love to bike, but more mainstream sites like OK Cupid get more traffic.

The Type: Artificially Enhanced Women

Relax, they’re insured. No, really.

Best Sites: or
Valdez Says:
If you want a girl who has fake hair, fake tan, fake boobs, these are your sites. You’ll find girls looking for men to pay for their fake breasts in exchange for sex. You can get a fake girl like this as long as you say you have money (even if you don’t). Just make sure you have a nice car, and don’t take her back to your place. If you’re going to deceive a girl, you might as deceive one who’s seeking a sugar daddy, because they are the worst of the bunch.