There’s no better way to celebrate a win (or get over a loss) than with a cold brewski. But it’s even more fun to turn the celebratory activities into a competition as well. These popular drinking games can be done in a bar or at an after-party. Try them all and you’re bound to have a wild night! (And a rough morning, but now is not the time to think about that.)

Flip Cup
Make two equal teams, and match up across from each other at a long table. Fill your cup to the first line with beer. Opponents starting at one end of the table clink cups, chug, then place their cups on the edge of the table right side up and use their fingers to flip them over, so they land on the rim upside down. Once you’ve successfully flipped, the next person on your team drinks, and you race down the line. More here.

Slap Cup
Fill the table with as many Solo cups as you have, each filled with a swig of beer. Keep two cups empty, with a ping-pong ball in each. Players stand in a circle around the table. Place the cups in front of two players, across from one another. When the game begins, each player that has a cup must bounce the ping pong ball against the table and get it to land in their cup with one bounce. If you make it, pass the cup to the next person, moving clockwise. If the cup behind yours catches up to you, the player who caught you slaps your cup. Then you must pick a cup from the middle, drink the beer, and shoot on that new cup. Continue until there are no cups left. (NOTE: If you make it into the cup on your first try, you can pass your cup to anyone to shoot next, including the player behind the other person shooting). More here.

No clue what this one’s called, but as long as these girls are playing, everybody wins!

Beer Pong
Two teams of two players line up six cups on either end of the table in a pyramid—a row of three, then two, then one—filled to the first line with beer. Pick a player from each team to grab a ping-pong ball and look the opposing player in the eye while shooting on the other team’s cups. Whoever makes it first, that team goes first. Each player takes a shot on the opponent’s cups. If a cup is made, the opponent must drink the beer in that cup, and then remove that cup from the game. If a team makes both shots, they both get to shoot again. Whoever hits all the opponents’ cups first wins. And the losing team drinks all the remaining beer. More here.

Civil War
Similar to beer pong, except three people are on each team and everyone has a six-cup pyramid, with the pyramids on each side touching each other. There are three ping-pong balls. One team starts with two, and the other with one. When the game begins, everyone shoots at will. There are no rules in terms of turns—if you get the ball, you shoot. If someone makes it into one of your six cups, you drink it. If all six of your cups are hit, you’re out, and only your teammates remain. The first team to hit all the opponent’s cups wins. And like in beer pong, losers drink! More here.

It’s almost scary how professional this Civil War set-up looks.

Place a full beer can in the center of the table and spread an entire deck of cards around the beer, face down. Each person has his or her own cup of beer. Pick someone to go first. They choose a card, and do what the card says:
2: YOU
—Person who draws card picks someone to drink
3: ME
—Person who draws card, drinks
—The last person to place their hand on the ground drinks
—All guys drink
—All chicks drink
—Last person to reach their hand up drinks
—Person who draws card picks a mate to drink with
—Person who draws card says one sentence, the next person in the circle (clockwise) must say another sentence that rhymes, and this continues. The person who messes up the rhyme drinks.
— Pick a category (cereals, cars, sports teams) and going in a circle (clockwise) each person must name a thing in that category. The first to repeat or fail drinks.
—Everyone puts up three fingers and goes around the circle (clockwise) playing Never Have I Ever (a.k.a. I Never). If you have done the thing mentioned, put a finger down. The first person with all fingers down drinks.
— The person who draws the card looks at someone and asks a question. The person they asked looks at someone else and asks another question. The first person to not ask a question, or not say anything, drinks.
—The person who draws the card makes a rule that everyone has to abide by all game. If anyone messes up, he or she drinks.
—The person who draws the card begins drinking their beer and moving counter-clockwise, everyone else starts chugging in order. You can only stop when the person in front of you stops, starting with the original person who drew the card.
After you draw a card, you must stick it under the tab on the beer in the center of the card circle. Whoever cracks the seal must chug that beer. Replace this beer if need be until the game is done. More info, with slightly different rules, here.