When it comes to fun in the sun, it’s only natural that you’d want to look your best. But if you’re on a budget, you may think that you can’t afford a sweet pair of shades. Don’t put up with the powerful rays of the sun blasting your eyes, and there’s no need to bust out your old, out-of-style “Risky Businessaccessories. This list of the best sunglasses for under $20 will have you stylin and profilin‘ on the cheap.

AJ Morgan Sunglasses.jpg

AJ Morgan Color Pop Sunglasses. Starting at an even $20, these shades from AJ Morgan are fashionable and functional. Even though they’re moderately priced, Morgan didn’t skimp on any of the basics, including nose pads and padded tips. The glasses also feature gradient lenses, but more important than that, these glasses allow to add a little color to the classic Aviator style glasses. A nice “pop” of color on a tropical beach will help add a nice accent to any vacation outfit.

gauge driving aviators.jpg

Gauge Driving Aviators by Road Warrior. For the man who loves to cruise the shore on a nice summer evening, Road Warrior present these driving sunglasses, available for $19.99. With spring-fitted stems and Anti-Glare UV400 protection, these glasses will keep your field of vision clear and comfortable fit your face. The Aviator style remains as popular as ever, and the tinted shades are a classic look that goes well on any man. Anysunglasses.com has the hook up, so go check out these shades!

CopperMax Shades.jpg

Coppermax HD Sunglasses. Sitting on the beach in a pair of sunglasses is nice, but what about the active gentleman? Any guy who loves outdoor activities but doesn’t want to break the bank of sunglasses will love these sport sunglasses. With HD lenses that block UV rays, these glasses will help you keep a clear eye on the world around you while keeping the burning light off of your eyeballs. Moderately priced at $15.99, these glasses are ideal for any man who loves to golf or fish. You can go ahead and visit CoolShadesUSA to find out more.

Park Avenue Aviators.jpg

Park Avenue Aviator Sunglasses. For anyone who wants to look good but is extremely frugal, these Park Avenue Sunglasses are ideal. At the unbelievable price of $4.10 at Amazon.com, you could probably afford to buy one pair of shades for each day of the week, or one pair for everyone you know. It’d be one thing if these shades were cheap pieces of garbage, but to the contrary they’ve gotten solid reviews. A stylish, reliable, affordable pair of sunglasses is something that you just can’t afford to pass up!