The new Apple iPod Nano is mind-bogglingly adorable in its diminuitive size. This can be a problem for a traditionally strapping man as such that reads, but there are a few options, now, on the market for the man on the go who wants his tunes and also wants to look, you know, like a man.

Nanos left and right are being turned into watches (on left and right wrists, alike). The tiny multitouch display is a perfect size for a big-enough-to-be-noticed piece of techno wrist flair, and companies are capitalizing on it. At least two companies, in fact, County Comm and have created watch bands for less than $20 to which you can attach your new Nano.

Hopefully, you’ve got a traditional watch and this would be used only occasionally. Besides being a novelty conversation starter, we can definitely see using a set of wireless headphones with this for a wire-free workout MP3 player.