Any man can pony up $60 to $100 for a great bottle of alcohol. But a true connoisseur can find those diamonds in the rough that are true miracles of alcohol. These lesser priced, higher grade whiskeys will hit the spot you’re looking for and leave you enough money to buy a decent cigar or god forbid some mixers.


Jim Beam Black

This fantastic bourbon might not have the same name recognition as Jack Daniels. But it’s every bit as good. While its great one the rocks it is one of the best mixing bourbons on the market. Marking a bourbon and ginger ale that would make even the most southern of gentleman proud.


Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Reserve

A simple delicious scotch, Glenfiddich 12 Year Old is a perfect springboard for anyone just getting into scotch. At around $30 a bottle it can let you feel like the manliest of men without breaking the bank.


Bulleit Rye Whiskey

While originally a bourbon maker Bulleit released this rye whiskey that unloads massive amounts of flavor and value on unsuspecting masses. It warms on the tongue nicely and is especially effective on the rocks or mixed. If you’re looking for a solid rye whiskey your friends will never have heard of this is the obvious choice.


Bushmills Black Bush

Not that far removed from the strongest part of your favorite Irish car bomb, this mid-level Irish whiskey will remind you that the Irish have whiskey down to a science. Perfectly flavored right out of the bottle. This classic is best drunk neat, in a pub, while wearing a sweater. So be a champ and remember that every man is a little bit Irish sometimes.

-Shelmon Winston