If it’s an option, we buy the waterproof version of a gadget. If it’s not, we try our best to be careful. But there are just too many opportunities for soaking-wet fun (and too few waterproof gadgets) to keep us happy. That’s where Bheestie comes in.

Bheestie is the mystery bag of chemicals that, for once, helps you and doesn’t hurt you. Whatever it is that’s in the bag (trade secret, apparently), it absorbs the moisture out of whatever gadget you just dropped in the drink, left in the rain, or spilled some beer on. Just open the package, insert your gadget, close it and let the mystery, black bag magic take over. 

Unfortunately, some gadgets can get shorted out if they get too much moisture in them. And, some, like those with the nefarious moisture-sensing stickers, might be done regardless. But, for $20, it’s worth a shot at reviving your wettened gadgetry rather than tossing it in a landfill. [Buy it]