I guess this is WallstreetFighter so I better talk about the Wall Street Fights. Every year in the pits there are a couple of good fights. We ARE talking about high strung men who see each other every day. They all have good and bad days but occasionally someone is having a really bad day and they snap. Thus the fight. Usually it is two people up in each others face and they are separated by the other guys in the pit. After each incident I love to watch the two guys because they are always shaking and nervous. Most of the time we were all talk and no action and when the action was about to happen, especially physical, we were scared little pups. But then there are the football guys. At the CBOT there were a couple ex-football players , Matt Suey and a couple of other NFL guys, these guys we left alone and never, I mean never, pushed their buttons. I remember on guy that had played in the USFL (can’t remember his name) but he gave me a hard shoulder push as a joke and I was sore for a week. I was new and I guess I was standing in his spot in the 30 year bond options pit . I promise you I never came anywhere close to his spot after that. The fight, in case you didn’t know, was between a 57 year old trader and a the son of the former Giants owner. Older guys teases younger guy about the Giants losing to Philly, younger guy tackles older guy and hurts him. Read more about it at the NY Post or at Dealbreaker (where I found the story). I think the only reason this fight is in the headlines is the fact it is the former owner’s son, otherwise I’ve heard about much better fights that never make the paper. I’ll make it a point to keep you up to date on the latest fights in the trading pits so I can live up to my name. Oh, I forgot to mention here is the video of the fight.