With Jeremy Lin signing an absurd 3-year 36-million dollar contract with the Nets this morning, Linsanity is finally coming back to where it started, the Big Apple. So we decided to relive a few of the best moments from Lin’s meteoric rise.

1. When he took Derek Fisher fishing. After his electrifying spin move on the future Knicks coach, Fisher should’ve known that nothing good would ever come of him and the Knicks.

2. When he hit that game winning three. I would say this is probably Lin’s best shot of all time, but since he was only a star for about a month this is his best shot of all time.

3. That time he dropped 38 on Kobe and the Lakers. Being in attendance for this game was unforgettable. I remember thinking that the Knicks had such a bright future with this guy at the helm. He went face to face with Kobe and scored 8 more points than him! And the Knicks won! Doesn’t that mean that Lin is better than Kobe?? Short answer: Nah.

Will this new chapter at the Barclays Center rekindle the old magic, resulting in… Brook-Linsanity? Probably not, but hey, at least that Harvard kid’s getting paid.