Is watching the Wall Street bull on an HD TV that’s bigger than some living room walls the ultimate display of… irony?

Bear with me here, but Adam Frucci, an editor at the Gizmodo tech blog, tested out Panasonic’s new 150″ plasma screen TV last week at their NJ warehouse. (shown here side by side with a 42-inch and a 103-inch plasma)

While browsing through some of his pictures and recaps explaining how awesome it is to play video games and watch Iron Man in such large, magnificent resolution, I saw he had this image of the Wall Street bull. Not really sure what checking out the bull’s ugly mug on such a gigantic tv would prove (especially if you weren’t looking at his glorious balls, like everyone else is).

The first thing that came to mind was some hedge fund manager or home trader with too much extra cash rushing out to buy a few of these in order to do his best Minority Report impersonation with his daily trades. We’ve all seen the guys with wayyy too many monitors on their desk (like this little guy with 19), but do we really need them?

And finally, that brings me to my point. If we’ve learned nothing else from the subprime crisis and now our bailout mess, shouldn’t we realize that pushing things to excess is the only sure-fire way to cause? Who’s with me?! Shouldn’t we be saying no to excess and shoring up our savings!?

Forget this. Who am I kidding? I want to watch enough Blu-ray movies on this thing that it will prompt me to experience near-fatal seizures in my sleep.

Gizmodo: Panasonic’s 150-inch TV In Action, It Will Melt Your Brain, Empty Your Wallet And Ruin Your Life, September 30, 2008