Tony Hawk, Bear Gryll’s Kevin Durant, Mark Sanchez, and Mark Messier.  What do these certified tough guys have in common?  Besides being made of steel, and subsisting on a steady diet grit and adventure: of  they have sweaty pits. 

Sweaty pits that demand constant, unflagging protection.  That’s half of why they’ve each signed on in support of Degree’s new deodorant and antiperspirant, Chain of Adventure.  The other half of the reason is that its smell is tough enough to suit their style, yet nice enough to please the ladies that flock toward their muscles and scars like so many migrating birds of paradise.  So, when you’re getting ready to jump off a cliff into a waterfall washout filled with bikini babes – we think you know where you can turn to keep your game tight from takeoff to splashdown.