Beach season is right around the corner and all the chicks are starting to get in bikini shape. So it’s time for dudes to return the favor, right? Unfortunately, travel time and finances may keep you out of a gym at the moment. Luckily, there are a couple of workouts you can do at home with no equipment that will get your ass whipped into shape in time to put on that Speedo. Just kidding. Please do not wear a Speedo. 

Workout #1

Note: This is a quick full body workout to be performed 2-3 times per week. Cardio, such as running or brisk walking should be added on the ‘off’ days. The routine is to be performed with no rest in between exercises and complete three cycles.


Simple, basic squats. Just like we were made to do in gym class every day when warming up. From standing position to sitting position, then back. Just keep the back straight the whole way through the move.

Reps: 15 each set


Painful, yes, but they work the legs and butt like nothing else can. Stand, step forward and touch the knee to the floor, then repeat with the other leg.

Reps: 15 each leg, each set

Tricep Dips

If you have two chairs at your place, you can do this. Put your feet on one chair and hold yourself up on the other chair so you are suspended above the floor. Lower yourself as low as you can, then press back up. Your triceps will be on fire.

Reps: 15 each set

Explosive Push-Ups

The push-up, except when you push up, you spring off the floor and clap your hands together.

Reps: 15 each set


You don’t need proper curling equipment for this…just grab anything of weight in your house that you can palm. Milk jug, potted plant, handle of vodka…if you can hold it with one hand, you can curl it.

Reps: 15 each arm, each set

Body Weight Shoulder Press

These are tougher than you think. You stand on your head — which most guys can’t do, so you can lean yourself against a wall if need be. Then press yourself up. Your shoulders will be massive if you can keep this exercise up.

Reps: 10 each set


Lie on your back on the floor or across the arm of a couch. use the ‘weights’ you had with the curls and do flies with them. Hold them together above your body, then extend them wide to your sides and then back to position one. Great for building the inner chest.

Reps: 15 each set

Mountain Climbers

Kind of like running in place with your hands on the ground. Actually, put your hands on something slightly elevated from the floor and start in the ‘sprinter’s starting position’. Then jump the back leg to the front position and the front to the back. And keep it all symmetrical. Great for legs and a little cardio, too.

Reps: 15 each set

Workout #2

Note: This is broken up by muscle groups, separated by cardio days. When ‘weight is involved, use something you can hold in one hand but has enough weight to give you some significant resistance.


Arm day with light cardio. 15 reps per set and three sets per exercise.

Curls – Basic one arm curls.

Skull Crushers – On back, weight being pushed from forehead to full arm extension, then back again.

Extended Curls – Curls that cross the body and touch the opposite chest. Left curl touches right side of chest, right curl touches left side of chest.

Kick Backs – Weights in hand, body bent at the waist. Then ‘kick the weights back behind you until your arm is fully extended, elbow locked.

Seated Curls – Weights in hand, but the elbows are lodged against your inner thighs. Proceed to curl weights.

Tricep Dips – See previous description.

Cardio – Run/walk a couple of miles.


Cardio heavy. Find what works for you and make this day a cardio one. Running is the best, but riding a bike, walking, hiking, roller blading — whatever — will work. Do it for at least 30-45 minutes.


Chest, back, and shoulders. Same as before, 15 reps per set and three sets per exercise.

Push-Ups – Basic floor push-ups.

Shoulder Press – Use your ‘weights’ to do shoulder presses above your head.

Flies – See previous description.

Lifts – Bent at the waist, ‘pulling’ the weights to your chest, then lowering back.

Chest Crunches – One of the weights held between your palms, against your chest,  Extend the weight to arm’s length, then back to your chest.

Full Arm Extensions – Holding weights at sides, then extending them (elbows locked) until they are horizontal to the floor.

Decline Push-Ups – Feet on the couch, desk, or some other raised piece. Hands on the floor, doing push-ups.

Butterflies – Weights in each hand, arms at your sides. Extend your arms out in a butterfly motion, then back again. Keep elbows lower than forearms     at all times.

Incline Push-Ups – Reverse the decline. Hands on the raised piece, feet on the ground. Do push-ups.

Back Pulls – Weights in each hand, arms extended horizontal to the floor. Pull back until your hands are against your chest, then push them back straight in front of you.


Another cardio heavy day. Repeat Tuesday’s routine or switch it up, either way, get in 30-45 minutes.


Legs and abs day. This also has a bit of cardio in it just from the amount of movement you will be doing. Do 15 reps per set and four sets per exercise.

Lunges – See previous description.

Leg Lifts – Lie on floor, extend legs as high as you can and lower without touching the floor. Hold a weight between your feet for added resistance.

Butt Scissors – Lie on your stomach and ‘scissor’ your legs without allowing them to touch the floor.

Scissors – Same as above, but now you are on your back.

Kicks – On all fours. Kick one leg back until it is horizontal to the floor. Repeat with the other leg.

Raised Crunches – Legs are raised with the calves parallel to the floor. Proceed to perform crunches, raising your torso towards your knees.      

Squats – See previous description.

Focused Crunches – On back, hands clasped. Raise up and do a ‘half-crunch’. Squeeze your hands together tightly at the climax. Your abs will constrict.


So some light cardio. About 20 minutes or so.


Drink like there is no tomorrow.