A couple big New Year’s resolutions crack many guys’ lists: dress better and be more active. For such worthy goals, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve rounded up the sharpest apparel and activewear out there (plus a few superb grooming products). Give this stuff a gander, and you’re sure to find great gift ideas—for friends in need or, let’s be honest, yourself…

TravisMathew Thomas Button-up Shirt ($125): Sure, this shirt looks great, but that’s not all. It’s also lightweight, wrinkle-resistant and quick drying, making it perfect for everything from an ice-skating date with your new squeeze to that oft-stressful moment she introduces you to her family. Don it with confidence and you’ll be good to go, bro.

Boulder Denim Athletic Fit Jeans ($148): Need pants to match your on-the-go lifestyle? Look no further. These jeans accommodate muscular legs while boasting breathability, 360-degree extreme diagonal stretch, hydrophobic wash, trap pockets and reinforced stitching. That makes them as at home scaling the side of a mountain as they are when you’re relating tall tales about your exploits at happy hour.

Revtown Sharp Denim Jeans ($75): On a related note, these top-notch trousers from Revtown are quite deserving of their name. Pairing perfectly with a blazer for a big meeting or night out, they fit and feel fantastic, guaranteeing a winning impression every time you slip them on. They’re available in five different washes, too, so whether you’re into shades of indigo, grey or black, you’ll be in business.

Roka Torino Sunglasses ($170): Form and function unite in these superior specs, which feature a patented fit and retention system to keep them in place and a neutral color lens to ensure your peepers are comfortable and protected in all kinds of lighting conditions. So whether your performance demands are an impromptu touch football game or a hot date, you’ll be looking spectacular, no pun intended.

Maui Jim Swinging Bridges Sunglasses ($299): Meanwhile, if your tastes run a little more Top Gun, these Maui Jim sunnies are your jam. But you don’t have to be a fighter pilot to appreciate this modern twist—note the single, elevated brow bar—on the classic aviator. The incredible color and clarity made possible by PolarizedPlus2 tech, as well as the SuperThin, scratch-resistant lens, cement their appeal.

Bombfell Hand-picked Clothes (average price per item, $89): Assembling outfits is not something most men jump at the chance to do. If you happen to loathe the whole process, why not entrust it to the pros at Bombfell? Answer a few essential questions, and they’ll set you up with a stylist who’ll provide expert recs. Then you tell them what you like, they send it over, and you only pay for what you keep, with free shipping and returns. It’s never been this easy to look fantastic.

Unbound Merino Crew T-shirt ($65): When it comes to T-shirt materials, it’s tough to beat 100 percent Merino wool. After all, it’s moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, antibacterial, wrinkle-averse and comfortably soft from the very first wear. No wonder we love this Unbound Merino offering, which is consciously crafted to keep you feeling fresh as a daisy while embracing outdoor action.

Ten Thousand Foundation Short ($58): When the hard-charging, world-beating folks at Ten Thousand put their mind to something, they don’t miss. Exhibit A: These workout/adventure-friendly shorts, featuring tough midweight fabric, perfectly positioned pockets, a badass boardshort-style drawcord and flexible fabric that optimizes everything from kettlebell goblet squats to rooftop parkour.

Vuori Paxton Short ($78): For their part, Vuori offers a winning fitness short as well. The Paxton boasts a perforated waistband, ventilated side panels and a Coolmax liner to keep you comfy during a long run or hot yoga session. Like the Foundation, it also has a discrete zipper pocket, great for stashing the keys you’ll need if your yoga instructor is so smitten, she asks for a ride to Whole Foods.

Maloja MezdiM Short ($179): Oh, and if you’re the type to stubbornly rock shorts well into the winter, the MezdiMs are for you. Fully windproof and insulated, they’ll stand up to fierce conditions, yet they also feature full-length side zippers for when temps rise. Yes, they’re intended for badass outdoor activities like ski touring, but they’re fun to wear around the house, too.

OppoSuits Flaminguy ($99): If you plan to stand out from the pack—but still look like a class act—next spring, this optically tropical, many-pocketed jacket, shorts and tie combo is a proven winner. We know because we field-tested it a few months back and got nothing but rave reviews. (And by rave reviews we mean phone numbers and complimentary piña coladas, of course.)

Tuxy Suit ($119): If ever there were a onesie for the active man, it’s Tuxy. This body-ensconcing unicorn features a slim, modern fit, a side-zipping neck for added comfort, thumbholes, a drawstring waist, a side cargo pocket with a dedicated smartphone slot and a cotton/polyester blend that’s as comfy as they come. Say, did we mention it’s a onesie??

Flag & Anthem Edgemont Boot ($80): Need a stylish lace-up boot at a price point that won’t leave you stranded on the street in nothing but a union suit? Flag & Anthem delivers with the Edgemont, thanks to its toasty charcoal wool upper, faux leather body and traction-packed rubber sole. It feels good on the foot and looks great with everything from jeans to dress pants. What else do ya need?

Malvados Lenny Sandals ($47): There are boys and men, and there are flip-flops and sandals. Thankfully, these kicks fall in the latter category—crafted of leather, canvas and a cushy EVA footbed. We love the Scotch color scheme, which pairs well with both a gentleman’s warm-weather wardrobe and his drink. (Yes, there are summery Scotch cocktails; we suggest the Glasgow Mule.) 

18.21 Man Made Pomade and Shaving Glide ($24 each): On what you might call a technical level, both of these products excel. The pomade delivers a medium hold with a shiny finish that’s ideal for short to medium-length hair. Meanwhile, the shaving glide is water-free, clear and soothing, leaving your skin soft and smooth with every swipe of the razor. But what we really love about both is something many grooming goops neglect: the scent. The subtle aromas of sweet tobacco for the former and spiced tobacco for the latter lend a manly air to morning proceedings that lingers and delights throughout the day. Give ’em a whirl and you’ll see what we mean.

Badass Beard Styling Kit ($70): Of course, the hirsute among us will appreciate this beard-and-’stache-grooming bundle, which includes a brush, comb, beard balm, beard oil, beard wash, trimming scissors and mustache wax. Even better, you can mix and match amongst more than a dozen different scents. We swear by The Royal Knight, an Earl Grey Tea, lavender and vanilla blend that is beguiling, yet chivalrous.