Let me start out by saying I’m a big Isla Fisher fan. She’s a total babe. That’s why I became interested in her new film Confessions Of A Shopaholic. But when I heard the synopsis of the movie, I started to think, "This really couldn’t be coming out at a worse time."

Basically, the plot is based on a British book series about a ditzy recent college grad who works for a finance magazine while exorbitantly overspending on unnecessary fashion accessories. She incurs a massive amount of debit, maxes out her credit cards, and ‘spends’ most of the story trying to hook up with a rich guy who will take care of her mismanaged finances for her. Check out the trailer:

Is this story ringing any bells? Well, to draw a comparison…it was the desire to rack up debt and practice risky finance that got the U.S. economy into this disaster. Many critics even put forth that it was the American consumer’s tendency to vastly overspend that was the root of the subprime mortgage crisis. We were buying houses we couldn’t afford.

To make matters worse, the main character of the movie is even supposed to be a faux-financial journalist who is clueless about the world around her, while admitting she doesn’t know much about personal finance. I’m sure it will all have some sappy positive conclusion wrapped up with a neat little moral lesson, but seriously, why now? Do we really need more people thinking they can charge too much debt and ‘everything will be OK in the end’?

Definitely not, but if it means watching Isla Fisher be super hott for 90 minutes, I’ll probably still go see it. Confessions Of A Shopaholic for Best Picture!