I only wish I would have thought of this. With all the great talent that has been on YouTube it is a shame most of them aren’t making a dime on their good work. (Don’t get me wrong there is tons of garbage as well) I always thought if a great move if someone could give these guys a little financial boost and then sign exclusives or “first shot” at the most popular artists before they became big enough for the big boys to sign.

The Daily Reel looks like the site that’s doing it. Using the distributor Revver, and their own pockets, they’ve signed popular short video talent like LisaNova, Dallas Penn, and Rafi Kam. They are constantly looking for more talent to work with and I think they have a good future. Revver is helping as well by splitting the revenue they generate from the ads at the end of the video with the talent. The difference is The Daily Reel is promoting the shows as well and helping them become even more popular. I don’t think there is enough talent to take the site big time but it is growing every day.

I do like the fact that, like Revver, they are adamant about fighting piracy. Revver won’t put anything up that is questionable and neither with they. This leads to a solid, legal site which YouTube could only dream of.

The last and most important thing I like about the show is they do my homework for me. They search out what they think are the best short clip on the net and put them in one place. There are plenty of people out there trying to do it but this is one of the better. It keeps me from having to watch a thousand videos every day. I just go to the top at YouTube, Flurl (I will talk about them later) , and then The Daily Reel.

I’m not getting paid to plug these guys but I’m hoping they’ll have a feature “Shane’s Top 10 Favorites” because there are 10 or 11 people that care what I have to say and this might be all they need to put them over the top. I have my favorites. I’m all ready to go. You should go check it out. If not for the videos, at least to give them props for a good business model. We here at WallstreetFighter love a good business model as much as a runway model.