Do a search for the best humidifier. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Done? Cool. So you just came across dozens of devices that look something like a cross between computing devices from the ’90s and hospital gadgets from the ’70s: Translucent plastic, labeled knobs, and pharmaceutical names.

How tempted are you to put one of those things in your bedroom? Not so much? As fans of good design, we don’t blame you.

Now close that search tab. Why? Because Dyson, the company that re-energized lagging vacuum and fan markets (someone had to), has put its fancy mark on the humble humidifier. We weren’t sure that the moisture-making device needed a revolution, but now that we’ve spent some time with the new AM10 humidifier, we’re changed men. We’re also well-moisturized come morning.


First off, the new Dyson just looks good. It isn’t a hospital-looking fear device that barfs all over an otherwise well-designed bedroom corner. Rather, it’s a simple, sculpted device in the same form factor as Dyson’s already-ubiquitous fans (or “air multipliers” as they pretentiously call them).

But under the hood (can we call it a hood?), the AM10 uses ultraviolet cleanse technology to kill what they say is 99.9% of bacteria. Upon filling, the device goes through a cleansing cycle, meaning that even if you’re not an OCD humidifier washer (and who is?), whatever effervesces out of the thing is relatively safe.

The air multiplier loop then does its thing: spreads the moisture throughout a room, controllable by a diminutive remove that attaches itself to the top of the humidifier with a magnet. It’s an overall pleasing, yet transparent effect.

Sure, this thing is $499, but lesser humidifiers aren’t that much less, and do they a) look this good b) come with a remote and c) multiply the air? Didn’t think so.