In an effort to get more curious, young, literate college students to pay for subscriptions to costly paper magazines, The Economist has launched a new ad campaign to target the demographic. It also appears that the age-old cliche of college students loving ‘pizza’ continues to hold true.

As David Griner from AdFreak points out, a lot of The Economist’s advertising tends to go over our heads and make us feel like idiots for not ‘getting it’. Take this older ad for example:

OK, I get that those are Monopoly hotels, and there are a lot of them, but really what are you trying to say with this?

But the new ads are a bit easier to understand in a ‘Bachelor’s degree-earning Snapple cap fact’-kind-of-way.

Each one emblazoned on a pizza box to be distributed in the institutions-of-higher-learning-riddled area of Philadelphia, contains a graphical representation of some slightly relevant world fact pertaining to pizza ingredients. (click for larger versions)

What serious business publications do you read, and do these creative ads for The Economist make you want to check it out? You gotta give them credit, they had people thinking they would really go with this cover back in September.

via AdFreak