When it comes to movies, the fairy tale genre isn’t the most dude-friendly cinematic category out there. It lacks gun-related violence, involves far too many fairies and rarely features any topless scenes. Despite its obvious shortcomings, however, the genre has always been a Hollywood favorite, and it ain’t going away anytime soon. Fortunately for us, it also tends to attract some of the hottest young ladies in the industry. In no particular order, here are Hollywood’s sexiest fairy tale chicks.
Drew BarrymoreEver After

Drew Barrymore

It wasn’t her most noteworthy role, but Drew Barrymore’s portrayal of a re-imagined Cinderella in Ever After gave guys everywhere a reason to sit through…Well… a re-imagined Cinderella.
Amy AdamsEnchanted

Amy Adams

Amy Adams first caught our attention with an early role on The Office, but it was Enchanted that propelled her into the spotlight. It also propelled her into our hearts, because really, what could be sexier than a girl who can communicate with cartoon birds? Basically nothing.
Vanessa HudgensBeastly

Vanessa Hudgens

The film hasn’t come out yet, but we’re calling this one early. Vanessa Hudgens is one of the hottest up-and-coming actresses in Hollywood right now, and we’re wholeheartedly prepared to sit through even the lamest of fairy tale reboots just to watch her work.

Robin WrightThe Princess Bride

Robin Wright

Not only is The Princess Bride one of the greatest comedy films in cinematic history, it’s also the film that put a gorgeous young Robin Wright on the map. Her looks eventually caught Sean Penn’s eye, which in turn gave us all another reason to admire/envy the man who was Spicoli.


Anne HathawayElla Enchanted

Anne Hathaway

The titular role in Ella Enchanted was a less-than-celebrated part for Anne Hathaway. That said, it really doesn’t matter what movie Hathaway is in, so long as it involves shots of her smiling/laughing/doing basically anything because she is Anne “Ridiculously Attractive” Hathaway and she can do whatever the hell she wants.

Lena HeadeyThe Brothers Grimm

Lena Headey

This dark rendering of the Brothers Grimm story features the stunning Lena Headey in a supporting role.


Amanda SeyfriedRed Riding Hood

Amanda Seyfried

When Red Riding Hood premieres this Friday, it won’t be the story that captivates the guys in the audience, but rather the Amanda Seyfried’s unique brand of hotness.

Claire DanesStardust

Claire Danes

Claire Danes hasn’t been too active recently, with Stardust being one of her last major film appearances in recent years. All the more reason to give it a watch and take in Danes’ beauty before she retires from acting altogether.