Hardcore coffee nerds know that you get the best, most flavorful cup from a French press. There’s just one major problem with the French press: it’s not really the best at keeping grounds out of your mug. If you’re Charles Bronson, this might not be a huge issue. The rest of us aren’t big fans. Cue The Espro Press ($70 for small, $99 for large), a Kickstarter project that’s taken off.

The Espro Press’s secret is the Micro-Filter. One filter is nested inside another, keeping the grounds where they belong and leaving you with just a rich, flavorful cup of joe. With the large you can make as many as four cups at a single time, allowing you to really share your top-shelf brew. Because what good is good taste if you can’t show it off?

There’s one other bummer about the French Press. Your beverage becomes stone cold in record time without insulation. The makers of The Espro Press have solved this problem as well. The pot contains an insulating mechanism that keeps your coffee toasty longer than a traditional French Press. No more trying to down your java as quickly as you can to ensure that you’re getting a hot cup.

The best part? It looks great, too. For the man who likes things as stylish as they are functional, The Espro Press is a sharp conversation piece for your kitchen counter when not in use or on your coffee table while you entertain your (lady) friends. Check out exactly how it works in the incredibly earnest Kickstarter video below, then see where you can get it here.