Hamburgers are, really, quite boring. Hot dogs are so blasé. What you really want to get your hands on is a succulent, seared, lemon-pepper lion meat.

Yeah, who’s the king of the jungle now?

The Exotic Meat Market sends you any kind of meat you can possibly think of (except, maybe, human), and many, many meats that you can’t think of because you aren’t even sure what animal they could possibly come from.

Not only do they have multiple exotic meats, but they’ve got more ways to prepare each meat than you count on both hands. Consider the noble (read: delicious) elk.

“Elk or Wapiti are used interchangeably since both words refer to the same species of hoofed animals. Wapiti is a name from the Shawnee Indians that means “white rump”. Elk are larger than deer and the meat has a distinctively rich flavor.”

Exotic meats goes on to list literally 39 damn ways you can purchase it. If that’s just a little to predictable for you, though, here are some of the less discernable exotic meats to choose from.


Thi is a castrated rooster – they tend to have more fat content, and hence, a fuller flavor than normal roosters.


The Bontebok looks a little like an antelope, and is, in fact, related to it. In the wild, they’re only found in South Africa (where they’re protected). But they also are raised for slaughter in the U.S.


It’s a python. Not much else to say here. The meat is “very light and tender,” and it is mailed to your house boneless, gutted, and frozen.


These are actual wild kangaroo from Australia. The site suggests that the meat tastes similar to that of Ostrich. Who are these people?