What do you get when you take a souped up, Subaru STI rally car, lose the wheels, and mount it on a Mattracks’ 105M1-A1 rubber track system? You get the fastest snow tank in the world.

0-60 Magazine has a pretty amazing profile of snowboarder/rally driver Ken Block and his Yeti-like creation dubbed the TRAX STI. It was designed by Block to combine his two great loves: “rally driving and snowboarding powder.” It appears that he’s united them quite successfully.

In addition to the high performance treads, the TRAX STI includes Four Recaro seats, roll bars with integrated snowboard/ski racks, storage compartments, skid plates and rally suspension. It’s also got an iPod auxiliary audio input for the stereo. This is one plush ride.

And it’s not done. The next addition is to solve the problem of passengers. Currently, it only holds a driver and one passenger (the rear seat area is all roll cage). But, Block plans to add a passenger sleigh, and he’s working with Vermont Sports Car to put that plan into action so that he can take along a lot more people and gear on his high-speed mountain adventures. You can’t sign up for a private trip, yet, but you can bet your board wax we’ll be there when you can. We just hope we’re not stuck paying for gas for something like this.

But perhaps the best feature is revealed by this part of the interview:

So are there plans to jump this thing?

You, know, I’ve put a lot of thought into this, and weighed the limitations that the Mattracks system presents and it really just boils down to…Yes!. It’s a rally car, it has to jump.