Most people won’t admit it, but they fear sex. The heaving sweatiness, strange contortions, secreted shenanigans and complicated, anatomical maps create a swell of terror, a towering insecurity. Perhaps if more of us appeared in the mirror as Athenian gods, the task would prove less immense. Then, the kind of sex we all desire – high-powered, longer-lasting sex responsible for decorous moans and pleasure – would exist within our reach. We might not be able to transform your torsos into fully equipped weight machines without the help of actual…um…weight machines, but we can advise you on how to turn your twenty (or so) minutes of sexual indulgence into a workout to better build your range, endurance and confidence. So long as you’re already attempting to define the perfect screw, here’s some practice ideas to help you tap into your inner-Anthenian abilities.

Step 1 – Doing Lots of It

Yoga women, gym rats, joggers and athletes already have an abundant resource of physical strength to access at turned-on-times. Because the average person (most all of us) does not find time to invest in our physical accolades, we have to use sex as a preparation for more sex (i.e better sex). This means, committing to the physical demands of the pleasuring moment. For starters, try having sex as much as possible, as wildly as possible. Don’t sheepishly settle for a lazy stab at the missionary position, strangely immobile, listlessly waiting until climax. Dedicate yourself to doing the best you can, whenever you can. The best way to begin maintaining a more fit f*ck is to capitalize on what you already know. As with any ambition to excel, you must motivate yourself to work for the best in order to get it.

Step 2 – Simultaneously Sex-Ready

Here are some small, manageable exercises capable of increasing flexibility and force while waiting on the sidelines. When your back starts aching at the office desk chair, crouch over on your floor space and spend five minutes stretching. Think of it as prayer – commitments of your time invested to serve a much larger, more important purpose.

Pelvic Stretch

Sit on your butt and draw the soles of your feet together. Place your hands around your ankles and slowly push your elbows down atop your knees. The tightening ‘oh god why’ sensation you’ll feel at first, will soon allow you to straddle as well as those Gumbie gals who win all the Olympics. Okay, maybe not quite as flexibly, but definitely somewhat closer.

Leg Lifts

Lay on your back and, by way of your lower abdomen, draw your legs up in a straight line to the ceiling. Lower your legs down to the point where your stomach tightens and wants to crumble to a fetal position on the floor. Instead of doing that, once more lift your legs to ceiling. Repeat this pattern, despite the burn, and know that the burn is aiding better things. This way, when you’re suspended in a plank position above a beautiful woman, you won’t look as weakly as when you were grateful no one could see you. Furthermore, your concentration will remain on your Southern-most regions and not your shaking stomach.


The thigh muscles on dudes are not something girls necessarily desire to glimpse in speedos, but they’re definitely of value in the sack. Place your feet in a wide stance and bend your legs, lifting the weight of your body with tightened thighs, up and down, again and again. This increases all over athleticism and your candidacy for more daring positions. (See Below).

Step 3 – Three Variations on Home Favorites

Once you’ve begun going at it more fervently, the next step is expanding experimentally on positions from your past. Instead of continuing the same old routines – touch here, kiss there, insert over here, raise torso right here – Mount that woman, grab her shoulders, twist her legs however far they are willing and really go for it.

A More Masterful Missionary

If you’re a long-time lover of Missionary, place your lady on her back at the edge of the bed and squat while standing before her, so that the position is reminiscent of the traditional pose, but much more detailed. This way, you’ll need to squeeze your thigh muscles and fumble for a better way in which to maximize pleasure. By creating more athletic positions from previously simple styles, your body is forced to adapt. Yes, the first day your legs might howl in pain, but the pleasure experienced and the fact that you’re dutifully serving your future, should console you. Just like working out, the soreness transforms into new muscles, muscles capable of fist-clenching orgasms. Another Missionary variation is having your lady lay on her back while you do push ups…into her. Instead of keeping your arms straightened and hyperextended to shoulder the stress, lean into your forearms and move your body up and down during detonation (just kidding, we would never really call it that…)

On Your Feet, Fellows; An Exercise in Standing Sex

Sex while standing up often confounds partners. The hell of gravity seems to overtake and seize limbs in terrible charlie horses, but with the help of a doorframe and strengthening your stumps, you’re good to go. Stand your woman at a doorway. She can hold the doorknob for support and, if shorter than you, can twist a leg around your torso to enable entry. From here, you’ll semi-crouch, lifting up through your upper thighs in order to penetrate and therein provide a stimulating work out for your legs. Recall the feeling of your squats and utilize this sensation during sex, pushing your muscles to flex and build.

Sitting n’ Sexing

In a position the Kama Sutra series entitles ‘The Padma Position’ you’ll get a chance to prove to your partner that the pelvic stretching exercise you secretly suffered through actually works. You sit, as instructed in the exercise, with your legs similarly folded into a diamond. The woman sits in your lap, facing you and wraps her legs behind your neck as a clasped chain. From here, you’ll thrust accordingly. In order to get a decent slide, you’ll need to employ your lower abdomen as well (thanks, leg lifts). By tightening your core muscles and opening your hips, the contact made will be of a much higher (we mean ‘deeper’) caliber. Your arms, most likely perched behind you as a stabilizer, will need to be bent and flexed, assisting the forward motion. The Padma Position is one that may take practice and serve as an event to prepare for – treat it like a pot of gold at the tail end of your traversed rainbow. By simply following the suggested structures for stretching and toning, this sitting position will unleash your inner-stallion, your inner-Athenian, your inner-whatever’s-worth-calling-an-idol; and help you believe in the untapped powers of sexual intercourse as a highly entertaining, endlessly rewarding form of long-lost exercise.