It takes confidence for a company to use a slogans like this but Force Protection may be the cure to the IED problems the Humvees have had. The Cougar is a family of medium mine-protected vehicles which can be supplied in 4X4 or 6X6 layout. It can be configured for a wide range of tasks including troop carrying (up to 12 in the 6X6), EOD (4 troops and a large EOD robot in the 4X4), command and control, artillery prime mover, recovery and ambulance duty. Cougar is in production. Built like a tank but maneuverable like a truck this could finally give the protection our troops need. Look at these monsters.

Look at the size of these compared to a Hummer. No comparison.

Missiles and explosives bounce off them like rubber bullets. Run over a landmine. Oops. “Hey private what did we just run over? “Sir. A rabbit” “Private that must have been one hell of a big rabbit” “Sir, a Volkswagen Rabbit”

The Buffalo has a few nice extra attachments

They also have a nice roomy interior

Imagine the Talleywhackers when they see these monsters coming at them.

Here is the best part of the whole thing for all you traders and money makers. This company is publicly traded (no I do not own any and am not paid to say this).

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