The above image appears on the front of the fledgling Fox Business Network’s Holiday Greeting card. After getting hooked up by the FBN folks to do a day of liveblogging and interviews with their NYSE floor correspondent, Nicole Petallides, it looks like I’m on their mailing list.

It would appear CNBC’s Jim Cramer is dressed up like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and is caught in the act of robbing a Christmas tree. Not sure why he decided to break one of his own CNBC ornaments, but you gotta admit that “Fox” with the Santa hat looks pretty badass.

The inside of the card contains season’s greetings from the staff and a fully imagined pejorative rhyme about Cramer to the tune of Mr. Grinch: “You’re a mean one, Mr. Cramer. You rant and rave all day.” etc. But not everybody is taking the joke very well.

Yes, true this does come off as corny, but it’s FBN’s angle to go after Cramer in order to gain ground from the biggest network in the business world. Not everyone is taking this very lightly though. Henry Blodget slammed the very concept of FBN’s Cramer-hating, citing the fact that people actually like the Grinch. (A fair point, but not until the end of the story.)

On the other hand, the NY Post ran an article about the card and quoted a CNBC spokesperson’s reaction saying:

As the lowest rated cable network among all rated cable networks, if Fox ‘Business’ News sends a card to every viewer, advertiser and individual who has ever seen or even heard of FBN it would be the smallest holiday card print run in history.

Slammed! Ouch. Kind of curious though as to why FBN wasn’t given a chance to reply to that quote. I mean, if The Post wants to start a verbal grudge match why not let both sides throw a punch, right?

I’ve found out from an insider that The Post “came begging” to FBN for a quote which they provided but was not used. It went a little something like this,

“Perhaps the humorless, out of touch folks at CNBC should pull their heads out of Englewood Cliffs and embrace the reality of a viable competitor.”

Equal time, right? All is fair in love and Business Networks. This also comes on the heels of the New York Post recently losing one of their top business reporters, Zack Kouwe, to the New York Times. I also heard that it might be some retaliation for the NY Post getting scooped on big Fox news by the New York Daily News in their TV section.

Personally if I were FBN, I would have challenged CNBC to a ‘News Anchor/Reporter 2009 bikini calendar contest’ and explicitly forbid both Mark Haines and Neil Cavuto from participating. That would have solved everything.