While CNBC goes off the air for their Olympic coverage at 5pm each night, Fox Business has been packing some serious heat in the form of Liz Claman.

Sure, the newer Fox Business Channel might not have the respected reputation CNBC has yet, but they can certainly make up for it with entertainment value.

Here’s some of our other favorite Foxy Business moments that you might have missed since the channel went on the air last October:

1.) There’s Just Something Exciting About Alexis Glick Talking About ‘Blow’

2.) Tracy Byrnes’ Cleavage Makes An Appearance On Happy Hour

3.) Liz Claman Loves Leaning Over While Reporting On Thongs

4.) Jenna Lee, an official WSF Biz Babe, With A Very Leggy Interview

5. Is This Cameraman On Drugs Or Just Hypnotized By Jenna Lee and Nicole Petallides?

6. Happy Hour Host Rebecca Gomez Models Dresses, Gets Oggled By Old Lady