I was going through an article from Kevin Rose and noticed his top friends list. I don’t know if Kevin is drawn to the girls or the girls are drawn to him, but there are quite a few cute girls on his friends list. On that note, I decided to do a bit of homework and come up with the first annual Girls of Digg. These are the hottest girls on Digg. I am sure I missed a few since there are 250,000 users and I tried to cut out the fake pictures as well (as if I know what is real or not). You can’t tell much from the pictures and most don’t even have one. If I were to put a pictorial of “The Girls of Digg” this is who I would select. If you have one to throw in here add one in the comments.

Here they go in no particular order

1. Amanda From Philly, she likes tech, video games, and has a thing for Digg owners

2. Kathy. Kathy is an Aussie. She likes music, funny movies, and plans on being rich

3. Natasha From Arizona, she likes organic foods, japanese culture, and uses a Mac

4. Awesome1234 Yes she is, she likes the stock market, foreign politics, she loves to make money

5. Posh She’s no Spice Girl, she’s a Suicide Girl. She likes, well you better look yourself, I’m a bit scared of her but in a good way.

6. IWrott She loves Google and all search engines for that matter. She hasn’t been seen for over a year. (she may be hiding out until she turns 18)

7. Sarah A Michigan girl she likes cheesecake, getting lost, fast cars, and much more.