Google founders and jet setting playboys, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are in the driver’s seat with their sweet private jet aka The Google Party Plane. The pair are tied for 5th place on Forbes’ list of the Richest Americans with each being worth $18.6 billion.

Some tech-enthusiasts are hot on the trail of the Google guys, literally. They have been tracking the locations of the plane, and with its tell-tale description and unique registration number, would-be trackers can now tell where Google’s next big deal is going down. Or where they will be honeymooning next.

Silicon Valley Insider uses Google’s own software to track them with this map of all their gallivanting:

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But what’s on the inside of the Google Party Plane and how hard do they party?

  • The plane is a renovated Boeing 767-200 formerly used by Qantas Airways, an Australian airline.
  • Includes two staterooms with with extra long California king-sized beds.
  • During the renovation they also asked for swinging hammocks and a cocktail lounge.
  • 1 full shower.
  • Large sitting-and-dining area.
  • In-flight internet access.
  • Enough seats for 50 guests.
  • The Google Party Plane is 70% longer and 3x heavier than a conventional executive jet.
  • As a commercial airliner it could accommodate 180 passengers.
  • Now usually just carries the crew and the two dudes.
  • Estimates have the renovated plane worth $25 million.

And how hard do they party? Real hard. Or as hard as two wealthy tech nerds in their mid-30s can, I guess. Two chilled Zimas and season two of MythBusters, maybe? Party on, Larry. Party on, Sergey.

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